Sports Physio UK

Sports Physio UK

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Sports Physio UK (based in Shaw). Members of CRGC can take advantage of special offers on physiotherapy and sports massage treatments.


"I have been struggling with lower back pain since April which has not only affected my ability to play golf but also my day to day jobs. I have had only 3 sessions with Rick where he gave me an initial examination followed by a mixture of Physiotherapy/Sports massage. Rick concentrated the treatment on my left leg as my lower back problems stem from tight hamstrings, gluts and calves. The results have been amazing. A couple of massage appointments along with a short stretching session on targeted muscle groups before I play ensures I can play golf pain free. Thanks Rick. This is A MUST for anyone who plays through pain."

Sports Physio - Beaty Golf Partnership

We are pleased to announce Beaty Golf have established a partnership working alongside Sports Physio UK - your local sports injury clinic based in Shaw. Here at Sports Physio UK we specialise in the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries and musculoskeletal injuries such as shoulder and back pain. Our physiotherapists, sports therapists, personal trainer and podiatrist can work with you to identify your needs and help achieve your goals. Our team is friendly, approachable and we are easily accessible on the main high street of Shaw.

Sports Physio UK is a family run clinic, and our therapists have established an excellent reputation in the sports injury field. We are delighted to be regularly asked to provide our services at sporting events. Our therapists have worked at a host of high profile of events which include the local running events, rugby tournaments, London Marathon, Tour de France, military competitions and an ultramarathon in the Egyptian desert.

Rick and Chris are Chartered Physiotherapists specialising in sports injuries. They are skilled in analysing biomechanical dysfunctions and identifying the root cause of your problem. Scott and Steve are sports therapists who predominantly offer sport and deep tissue massage treatments - this is particularly beneficial for the prevention of injuries or to iron out any niggles and tension you have.

You don't have to be broken and injured to benefit from what we offer. Approximately 40% of our clients do not have any injury, they come for either injury prevention, or to improve their biomechanics and their sports performance. As you know, golf is all about technique. But no matter how much you practice your technique, it will not correct any spinal or joint stiffness, or muscle restriction you have. Your body will compensate and lead to pain in other joints - usually hips, low back and shoulders.

Martin will keep you informed and up to date with any upcoming sessions. In the meantime, you can follow us on social media or visit our website for more information about our clinic.

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Rick Sedgewick BSc MSc MCSP HCPC
Chartered Physiotherapist